Training area 1: Care for an elderly person

Module 1.1.
Basic diseases of old age

Basic knowledge about diseases of old age. Identifying the symptoms of the most common health problems of an elderly person.

Module 1.2.
First aid and simple medical procedures

Basic measurements in an elderly person. Prevention of complications related to immobilization of an elderly person.

Module 1.3.
Personal hygiene

Hygienic and beauty treatments performed on an elderly person requiring care.

Module 1.4.
Nutrition of the elderly

General rules of nutrition. Diet of the elderly in selected diseases. Errors in the nutrition of the elderly. Rules for the preparation and storage of meals.

Module 1.5.
Care and hygiene during the epidemic

The sanitary and epidemiological regulations in force when caring for an elderly person.

Training area 2: Emotional intelligence of informal caregivers

Module 2.1.
Emotional intelligence in caring for the elderly

In this module, carer will gain a basic understanding of the different emotions that is an invaluable aid to the elderly person the carer is caring for. In caring for an elderly person, the carer often encounters various reactions on their part.

Module 2.2.
Coping with stress

Caregiver Stress Syndrome occurs in people who have long-term care for an elderly or chronically ill person.

Module 2.3.
Burnout, depression and social exclusion of the informal caregiver

Taking on the role of a family caregiver -though admirable and rewarding – can also be incredibly draining and causing burnout and depression. Depression can affect both the caregiver and the elderly person they care for.

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