HomeCare Mulitplier Event in Portugal

The Multiplier Event in Portugal served the main HomeCare purpose: to capacitate
caregivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide better support and
care to the elderly. It did so because it allowed us to gather not only caregivers, who
seemed very interested in having tools to support their activity, but also caregivers’
support organisations and health/ageing services, who are in permanent contact with
carers and will integrate HomeCare resources and platform in the range of services
and tools they provide them with.
This event has contributed to the HomeCare project objective – to raise awareness on
the topics of demographic ageing, the widening lack of professional qualification of
informal caregivers, and the main problems and challenges that both them and the
elderly face on a daily basis.
The event consisted of a session organised in collaboration with CACIL: Centro de
Apoio ao Cuidador Informal de Lousada (Lousada’s Informal Caregiver Support

Center) and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lousada, which counted with the
participation of 27 people, ranging from caregiver support technicians, health and
ageing-related professionals and informal caregivers. The agenda included an
introductory part, where we presented the project, its objectives and results, which
we also illustrated with the viewing of the HomeCare platform demo video.

HomeCare Platform presentation